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043 (Would you marry me?)

From this entry. This seems to be the most popular blogcrew in this community, so I decided to repost it. This also means that all old claims are gone, so if you want to keep your claim.. just claim it again. And again I'm saying this: All old blogcrews posted by my old journal are CLOSED. Don't claim on them anymore and check the tags instead (and you'll see they are closed).


✄ The Rules.
▪ 1 claim per user, 1 user per claim! 빨리 빨리~!
▪ Multifandom!! Claim examples; Lee Donghae / Super Junior / Korea.
▪ Put marry u in your subject title, please? ♡ I will ignore your claim if you don't follow this rule... & it makes my already-messy inbox less... messy.
▪ Give me some time to update the claims. Which means, NO complaining.
▪ After your claim is approved, please put the code up somewhere in your journal! ^^
▪ Watch the community (for more)? ♡


슈퍼주니어 ᅵ Super Junior.
Lee Donghae ᅳ mulgoki
Hangeng / Hankyung ᅳ purinchun

샤이니 ᅵ SHINee.
Lee Jinki / Onew ᅳ visionarynotion
Kim Kibum / Key ᅳ polareese

유키스 ᅵ U-Kiss.
Alexander L. Eusebio ᅳ italic
Shin Dongho ᅳ kickbuhttninja

투피엠 ᅵ 2PM.
Jang Wooyoung ᅳ panic18

동방신기 ㅣ Dong Bang Shin Gi.
Kim Jaejoong ᅳ jejun


Alice Nine.
Hiroto ᅳ starless_sky20

Hey! Say! JUMP.
Arioka Daiki ᅳ brosiscomplex
Yuto Nakajima ᅳ n_famous

Nishikido Ryo ᅳ tyttacode
Koyama Keiichiro ᅳ silver881

The GazettE.
Ruki ᅳ feelingofdoubt
Aoi ᅳ lifeisnyaa

Aiba Masaki ᅳ bloodytheory

Nakai Kazuya ᅳ roronoa_zoro69
Miura Haruma ᅳ syarashin


Hiroomi Souma ᅳ osaka01

Dragonball Z.
Mirai Trunks ᅳ mrpikolo

Orihara Izaya ᅳ yokoist

Axis Powers Hetalia.
England/Arthur Kirkland ᅳ kirkland

Video Games.

Thousand Arms.
The Dark Master ᅳ deatheaterjera

Ace Attorney.
Phoenix Wright ᅳ hakfung
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